Module 1: Next-level Video Editor
Module 2: Visual Effects Artist
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 The Step-by step Guide To Create Mind-Blowing Videos 🀯 With Ease

Creating Hollywood-level Videos Isn't Hard If You Know Which Steps You Need To Take


 I'm Sharing EVERYTHING That I Have Learned Over The Last 14+ Years
So You Can Create Hollywood-Level Videos In Just a Few Weeks

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 Ready To Create Epic Videos And Have Fun By Following My Method?

Do You Want To Be A Next-Level Video Editor, A Visual Effects Artist, Or Both?

Module 1

Next-Level Video Editor

This is for you if you want to:

βœ… Confidently create amazing-looking videos

βœ… WOW your followers, friends, and family

βœ… Create a high-quality portfolio

βœ… Become a professional video-editor

βœ… Get clients to pay for your projects


No Prior experience required

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Module 2

Visual Effects Artist

This is for you if you want to:

βœ… Comfortably create Holywood-level videos from scratch

βœ… Blow the minds πŸ€― of your followers, friends, and family

βœ… Create high-quality, and realistic Visual Effects

βœ… Become a professional visual effects artist

βœ… Get clients to pay big bucks for your projects


Prior experience is advised

More About Module 2

 Included In Each Module:


85+ Video Lessons


36+ Training Hours


Hands-on Exercises


Lifetime Access


All Future Updates

 Our Students Get The Biggest Discounts

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Adobe Creative Cloud

Our Students: $19.99/month

 Regular Price: 52.99/ month*

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Maxon Cinema 4D

Our Students: FREE for 6 months

 Regular Price: 94.00/ month*

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Octane Render Engine

Our Students: $17.00/month

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Average Student Saves $500+ in 6 months
By Using Our Exclusive Student Discounts

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After Joining The Academy, Students Started Their Own Video Businesses.
They Work For Clients From All Around The World.
And Some Of Them Even Edit For MrBeast.

My Name Is Ignace, Nice To Meet You

Your Next-level Editing And Visual Effects Teacher

Hi, I'm Ignace Aleya and I will be your teacher and mentor when you join the Academy.

I am a YouTube creator, filmmaker, and teacher with almost 15 years of experience in the industry.

I know that my method of teaching works: My tutorials about filmmaking and video editing have been watched over 50 million times and I have personally helped hundreds of students to create epic videos.

And now I want to help you to create awesome-looking videos, without feeling overwhelmed.

Are you ready to drastically improve your skills?

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Students' Results After They Joined

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Students' Results After They Joined

Check out their work

What Our Students Have To Say

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