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Create stunning videos that will make the jaws of your family, friends and audience drop



Create stunning videos that will make the jaws of your family, friends and audience drop

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Module ONE Is For You:

If You Don't Have A Lot Of Experience Yet

You want to confidently use both Premiere Pro and After Effects to create amazing-looking videos.

If You Want To Use Advanced Editing and Visual Effects in your videos. 

You want to become a Next-Level Editing Expert and use Visual Effects, to make your videos stand out.

What's Included In Module ONE:


Lifetime Access

Always have access to the entire academy and all future updates.

Private Community

Connect with likeminded creatives from all over the world.

Live Group Calls

Get feedback on your projects, learn from your.

Average Module ONE Student Saves $300+ in 6 months
By Using Our Exclusive Student Discounts

Adobe Creative Cloud

 $52.99/ month*

Our Students: $19.99/month

 *Based on the monthly price in USD

Course Outline

Create Next-Level videos and Visual Effects,
to make your videos stand out.

You'll be able to confidently use the two industry-standard programs
Adobe Premiere Pro & Adobe After Effects after this training.

Section 1

The Basics of Editing

  • Premiere Pro - The Interface
  • Starting an Organized Project
  • Importing & Assembling Your Video Footage
Section 2

Speed Up Your Workflow & Make It Stand out

  • Start Editing Learn Hotkeys and Optimizing Preferences
  • Adding Effects Freeze and Speed Up Video
  • Adding Titles Animation Effects
  • Learning Changing the Hotkeys to Work Faster in Premiere Pro
  • Proxies Fast Editing Workflows
Section 3

Fine Tuning Your Edit

  • Color Grading Your Videos
  • Exporting Video Best Render Settings
  • Logo placement Video in Video
  • Video Overlays & Blending Modes
  • Sequence Settings - Making a Custom Sequence Preset
  • Make Your Own Titles Essential Graphics
Section 4

Need To Know Editing Skills

  • Synchronizing Audio Multi-Cam View
  • Stabilizing Shaky Video Footage
  • Color Correcting Your Footage
  • Handy Tips & Tricks to Improve Your Workflow
Section 5

Getting Started With After Effects

  • Getting The Adobe Discount (For new & existing users)
  • Installing Adobe After Effects
  • The Interface of Adobe After Effects
  • Starting your (first) project the right way
Section 6

The Basics of After Effects

  • Basics Of Animation
  • Basic Text Animations 2.0
  • Essential Graphics - bring your animations to premiere pro
  • Manipulate colors in video + Extra Tutorial Suggestion
  • Dynamic Linking between Premiere Pro and After Effects
Section 7

Moving To The Next-Level

  • Greenscreen-Chroma Key Removal and optimizing
  • Greenscreen Continuation
  • Freeze frame speed ramp time remapping
  • Luma Mattes Alpha Mattes
  • Extra - Planar Tracking
Section 8

Tracking Like a Pro (2D, 2.5D, 3D)

  • 2D Motion Tracking in After Effects
  • 2.5D motion tracking adding a building in the background
  • 2D Mocha Tracking - Adding graffiti to walls
  • 3D Camera Tracking
Section 9

Logo Reveals & Title Animations

  • Write On Text Effect
  • How to install a preset
  • How to work with presets
  • Create your own logo reveal-intro
  • Preset Continuation
Section 10

Motion Graphics Typography

  • Advanced Motion Graphics Typography 
  • Professional Text Animation Effects
  • Creative Text Animations
  • Music Video Style Typgraphy Effects
Section 11

Post-Production Lifesavers

  • Mosaic License plate or Face Blur
  • Object Removal in AE
  • Puppet Pin Tool
  • Basic Expressions + Extra Tutorial Suggestions
  • Screen Replacement & Rotoscoping
Section 12

Finishing Touches To Make It Epic

  • Best way to export your video
  • Advanced Sky Replacement
  • Sky Replacement Continuation
Bonus Section

Ignace's Favorites

  • VFX Action Sci-fi
  • VFX Sci-fi Fantasy Effects
  • Movie Shows VFX
  • Superhero Effects
  • Music Video Effects
  • Motion graphics Map visualizations

Learn Anytime, Anywhere, At Your Own Pace

A combination of self-paced step-by-step trainings and hands-on exercises

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What Our Students Are Saying

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What Our Students Are Saying

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Student Results After They Joined

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Students Results After They Joined

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Join The Academy Now.

The Academy opens again on Monday the 20th of March 2023 at 1:00 PM CET.


Beginner / Intermediate


Learn and Master the foundations of Next-Level editing and Visual Effects

70+ Video
  • Color grading & correction
  • Overlays & blending modes
  • Rotoscoping & keying
  • Green screen removal
  • Tracking & object removal
  • Music video Visual Effects
  • Sky replacements
  • And a lot more...
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Module 1 & Module 2

*Best Value*


130+ Video
  • Everything from Module 1
  • Everything from Module 2
  • Exclusive VFX Bonus bundle
  • Bonus: Instagram & TikTok VFX for Premiere & After Effects
  • Bonus: Advanced Instagram & TikTok VFX

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A Proven Learning Framework

To get the best results in a fun and practical way.

Step 1: Learn

First you will learn the new skill
by following the clear instructions.

Step 2: Practice

Next, you will practice the new skill with a hands-on exercise to apply your knowledge immediately.

Step 3: Apply

Apply the newly learned skill to your own project, to have instant results, and a new portfolio piece.

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