Module 1: Next-level Video Editor
Module 2: Visual Effects Artist
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Hi, I'm Ignace Aleya

VFX Artist, Influencer & Your Teacher


I've discovered filmmaking when I was a teenager, and have been addicted ever since (2008).

I have worked on Hollywood feature films and commercials since the age of 18.

For over 10 years I have been sharing my knowledge about advanced filmmaking and visual effects to hundreds of thousands of subscribers on YouTube.

 2 years ago I began laying the foundation to work together with my subscribers on a more intimate level.

After a lot of tweaks, updates, and new features, I can now proudly present the Epic VFX Academy.

As of today, I'm helping more creatives than ever to create epic videos, without feeling overwhelmed.



Hi, I'm Arnaud Melis

Marketing Specialist & Your Business Coach


Been working closely together with Ignace for over 10 years, first as an actor in his movies, later as a business partner.

Almost 7 years ago I pursued my passion for marketing and sales. Ever since I've been studying how the best products and services change people's lives.

Because the difference between a good and a great business is to create experiences so enjoyable, that your clients will spread the word for you.

Today I help our students on how they can earn a living, doing what they love.



Hi, I'm Nzoye Vandamme

Head of Product Design & Your Creative Coach


I started my journey together with Ignace & Arnaud as a multimedia intern.

At the time I was studying Audio & Visual Design, following up with a post-graduate in Digital Content Creation.

Getting hired immediately after my studies was a dream come true.

Since then I've had the possibility to learn more about social media and product creation and editing than I ever imagined.

Nowadays I'm coaching our Academy students, to unlock their full creative potential.

And yeah... I've also been an actor in Ignace's videos.

The Story

Why we created the Academy

A couple of years ago, Ignace was posting regularly on YouTube while getting a bunch of messages.

Almost all of these messages had one thing in common, his subscribers were confused about learning advanced editing and visual effects. There simply wasn't anything available to learn advanced editing and visual effects literally from start to finish.

That's when he and the team decided to create the most in-depth
and clearly explained VFX training on the planet.

Next followed 2 years of preparation, testing, and product creation as they began laying the foundation to work together with their subscribers and fellow creatives on a more intimate level.

As of today, after a lot of tweaks, updates, and new features,
we're proud to present the Epic VFX Academy.

In collaboration with

Learn Anytime, Anywhere, At Your Own Pace

A combination of self-paced step-by-step trainings and hands-on exercises

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